Sunday, August 12, 2007


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We're getting married!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Until we can get in touch with each of you personally, we wanted to write and let you know.....we're getting married!!!! Chris proposed this past Saturday atop Twin Falls in the Eastatoe Creek Gorge. It truly was the perfect day! Chris picked me up from my parent's house at 7:15am and began our "big day" with the perfect event...18 holes of golf. This is very appropriate since we first met 10 years ago on the golf course. I must say Chris had our day planned to the minute, and thus, we finished our round of golf right on schedule at 12:15 before heading to our next surprise, Table Rock. Here we hiked to the top of Table Rock and enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch Chris had prepared. I was laughing thinking to myself..."Okay, this is unbelievably gorgeous! If Chris is going to ask me to marry him, he will do it here! was so beautiful!" It was well worth the strenuous hike! It was then Chris told me we really needed to be going, as he had another surprise for me. Not realizing we did this because we were "behind schedule," we ran down most of the Table Rock Trail back to the car...I thought we were just running for exercise! When we got to the car, I realized Chris left his sunroof open and thought that there was no way we were getting engaged today because nobody would ever leave a ring in a car with an open window. Boy, he was throwing me off! So, Chris pulled out his itinerary, and we headed to our next surprise destination...Twin Falls. I had no clue where we were headed, but I felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. When we got to Twin Falls, we got out a couple of hiking chairs and began our next adventure. Along the way, I began noticing we were following a trail of beautiful white lilies all the way to the top. When we arrived to the top of the falls, we rounded the corner and not only were we at the top of this gorgeous waterfall...but there was a blanket spread out with more rose petals than I could have ever imagined covering it. We removed our shoes and socks and washed our feet in the waterfall before returning to the sea of rose petals. Before I could even get seated, Chris pulled out his guitar from under a shrub. We both started to cry. We spent the next twenty minutes with Chris playing the guitar and us singing some of our favorite hymns. It was such a sweet moment. Chris told me he had one more song for me and proceeded to play and sing for me one of my very favorite songs, Marry Me by Ed Cash. (I would encourage you to google the is so sweet!) After this, we stood up and Chris prayed for us and the journey God has brought us on to get to this point. When I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!!!! I said YES!!!! We hung out a little while longer, soaking up the moment, before Chris told me we had to go because he had one more surprise waiting on me (he actually ended up having to tell me the surprise because I kept lingering...imagine that :-)). So, we followed the trail of rose petals down to the base of the waterfall and out to Chris' car where there were even more rose petals on the baseboard, dashboard, and seat. Also, on the seat was a red rose. So sweet!!! It was then we drove out to my parents' house where both our families were waiting to congratulate us!!! We had a cookout celebration with our families...the perfect way to end the perfect day!!!

We're not sure yet when the "big day" will be, as we are waiting to hear Chris' deployment schedule with the Navy. Thank you so much for all your prayers over the years. Chris and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends! We love you!

Chris and Julie